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At, we applaud your dedication and commitment to saving pets from abuse, puppy mills, environmental disasters, and the many uncontrollable circumstances that pets find themselves in through no fault of their own. Fundraising for your charity is an ongoing challenge and would like to help you in your efforts.


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As a bonus, any visitor to the website who wishes to purchase a $10 membership card online may designate your charity and $3 will go towards your fundraising efforts.


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Your listing in our web directory and your membership card are available to your organization at no charge. You will receive a free listing and description of your charity or service on our website. As a new member on our site, you will get 5 FREE membership cards that you may sell for $10.00 each as a start to help you fundraise. You can also decide how many cards your organization would like to purchase at the special price of $5. You then have the opportunity to resell them at $10, keeping the $5 as fundraising for your charity. There is no minimum order for the cards and they can be purchased as needed. We also are able to offer cards on consignment.

We are thrilled to be able to offer your organization this opportunity to raise money and to help those in need. As a special bonus, we will promote your fundraising events to our members. If you have any of your own programs to raise funds, they may be featured on your site as well.

Please email us with the charity you wish to list.

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